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02 July 2008

Sisters Praying, Part 2

So, I've shared with you the beginnings of the prayer group... now we turn to what we've done with our 15 months together.

Sharlan bought a journal the first week we met, so we started using it the second week. It just happened that I had the pen at the beginning, so I wrote the date day-month-year (2 July 08), and that's the way we've been writing it ever since.

We've prayed for people who are sick. We've prayed for loved ones. We've prayed for house moves, job changes, doctorate degrees, and ministries. I dare say that South Plains has never been prayed over so well as it has been in the past year. We pray for children & teens, parents & teachers. And sometimes, for complete strangers:

Sharlan stopped into United Supermarket to pick up some fruit on her way to the church building one week. It is possible, at 6 AM, that she was the only shopper in the store. The man stocking the produce department asked, by way of making conversation, "What are you doing out so early?" So Sharlan told him she was on her way to an early-morning prayer group. I don't know if he was impressed, shocked, dumbfounded-- I do know he asked for us to pray for him. I don't remember his name, but pray for him we did, and he is written in our journal page from that week.


sparquay said...

Is this a trilogy?

Su said...


It didn't start out that way, but that's the way it ended up.