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01 July 2008

Sisters Praying, Part 1

So I'm "in charge" (if you can call it that) of the women's prayer group at South Plains that meets at 6:30 AM on Thursday mornings. The reason I'm in charge is that I am the one who sends out the weekly reminder e-mail, and I go to the women's ministry meetings to report about how the group is going.

We've been meeting since the week after spring break last year; I can't remember the date, but we have it written down somewhere. It was a bit of a fluke that the group got started at all, so I'm going to share the story.

The adult Bible class we were in at the time had a men's prayer group that met on Friday mornings at 7. There were anywhere from 2-6 men who got together, and I said to one of them that I thought that was a great idea, and I wished we had a women's group. He said, "So start one!" While I was explaining to him that me starting things has historically not worked out so well, Kathy spoke up and said, "We'll do it!" So I finished off my lame excuses with, "Okay, I guess we'll do it."

That was the week before spring break. The week of spring break, Kathy went out of town (along with a bunch of other people), so we waited to start the week after. I sent out an e-mail announcing such to our Bible class, but the church's webservant, who manages the e-mail groups, thought it was for everyone and sent it out to every Bible class. Suddenly, I had a flood of e-mails in my inbox asking when & where we would be meeting (since our Bible class already knew where we were meeting, I hadn't included that information in the e-mail), and I was in hot water with the church office for not reserving the room ahead of time like I was supposed to.

Anyway, we got the kinks worked out, and the prayer group has now been meeting for a year and three months. And we got our name (Sisters Praying) from an innocent remark made to me by a woman who isn't able to join us on Thursday mornings, but who had sent along a prayer request: "I am so thankful to have my sisters praying about (the situation)." So the next week, I changed the title of the e-mail to "Sisters Praying", the week after that, it had mysteriously changed in the bulletin, and it's been that way for about 6 months now.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.


sparquay said...

Good story. Looking forward to part two.

Su said...

And... your wish is granted!