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03 July 2008

Sisters Praying, Part 3

I have to say that my prayer life has been, at best, sporatic. That has been the case for my whole life. There are seasons that have been less sporatic than others, but I've never had a regularly-scheduled prayer time that I kept rigidly. I've prayed while cycling, prayed while walking, prayed first thing in the morning, last thing before going to bed, every hour on the hour (that was a good week), etc. The only predictable thing about my prayer life for the last 14 years is how varied it has been.

I hit a new low in April, though, when Sisters Praying has been the only thing that enabled me to say with any truth that I even HAVE a prayer life. I was walking at lunch one day, lost in whatever it was I was thinking about, when I noticed the grass in the park was getting dead and brown. I thought to myself, "I should pray for rain," and the very next thought (unfortunately, I am not making this up) was, "Oh, like that's going to make a difference."

So I knew it was time to bring it to Sisters Praying. And pray we did, and I took my turn in praying that week, although to call my prayer that week half-hearted would be extremely generous.

So, it has gotten better since then. My prayer life is still much more shallow than I would like. I am still completely without consistency. But Sisters Praying is there, the solid block of encouragment that keeps me going when I would rather not.

I wouldn't stop this ministry for anything.


Timbra said...

what an encouragement. we started a mom's group study on wednesdays and i too am really enjoying it. unfortunately all the moms but me have older kids and we're taking a break for the summer since the older kids are all out of school (and it's not just toddlers and moms) but we're meeting once/month at a later time so JUST moms can get together :) and on the trax, i think it will take me like 30 minutes to get downtown (a drive would be like 15 minutes).

Su said...

I used to hate women's events... but it's amazing what finding the right fit will do for you.