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04 July 2008


So Paige recently posted a blog about water-related moments, and included among the trip down memory lane was a picture of Paige, myself, and a guy in my aim class (I think his name was Michael) standing in the fountain at Texas Tech. To be fair, Paige (probably) didn't know that is was me in the picture; I'm sure she thought it was some random aim student. Which, in fact, I was. I commented to tell her that it was me in the picture, and in return, she e-mailed me another photo from the evening. A photo which, by the way, will NOT be appearing on my blog. Ever.

The thing is, I remember that night very, very well. Why it should be so stuck in my memory I don't know, but there it is. Denyce came along to my apartment while I was doing homework, to ask if I had a Polariod camera (I didn't) and to tell me that there was going to be a photo scavenger hunt that evening.

So I tagged along to her apartment, where we discovered there were no Polaroids in aimland. Alas. So we got out the regular cameras, divided into teams, set a time to meet up at the Wal-Mart photo centre, and off we went.

I know for sure I was teamed up with Paige, Denyce, and Michael (and thanks to the photo, I can add Tami and Trent). So in addition to the afore-mentioned hop into the TTU fountain, we took a bunch of other pictures: something to do with a tombstone in the cemetery; a trip to the men's room at a restaurant (while one of the guys who worked there guarded the door for us); a bicycle (or two), perhaps with us riding them; and I distinctly remember climbing into (and back out of) a dumpster. Upon reflection, I really hope the dumpster picture came before the fountain picture.

And, our group lost the contest. It all came down to our final picture, which was something of our choice in Wal-Mart. (Paige also cleared up this one for me; I had it backwards in my memory.) We buried Paige in stuffed animals (which I'm pretty sure we put back again properly), but the judges preferred the other team all posing in flowerpots. So we had to settle for second place.

So, this little trip down memory lane was inspired by a trip to Paige's blog. I wonder what will be next?

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Timbra said...

well this sounds like fun. so, when we first came back from christmas break we had a scavenger hunt day like this where we had to take pix and take public transport through lubbock. . unfortunately we forgot to actually load film in the camera, so we have very few photos from that day and i had to leave town like right after we took all the evidence back to the building so we couldn't reshoot. but i have vivid snapshots in my mind of silly things we did.