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03 July 2008

Alas, poor June. I knew him well.

So I was looking at my blog archive, and comparing last year's total posts to what I've posted thus far this year... I am waaaaaay behind. Or perhaps I have run out of things to say. :) Not likely, I suppose.

So, June is ended, July has begun. I love June; it is my favourite month of the year by far. I suppose September is second (which is new for me; I used to hate the autumn. It's amazing what the Texas heat will do for you.), and after that... hard to say. May, perhaps? I hate it that June went by so quickly. In fact, this year is flying, as years do. Soon I'll have to start thinking about my reflective, end-of-the year post. I'd better get to work on that.... no way, I don't want the year to go that quickly.

So I am going to enjoy July. I am going to grab each moment before it passes on forever. I am going to go down to the cliche factory and see if I can pick up some new ones.


Timbra said...

i love june too. . . i love april may and june the best! of course it helps that my bday is april, alani's is june, my sister's is june and my anniversary is june. . . very eventful this time of year. anyway, your sisters praying posts made me want to post "wonderfully woman" and yeah, the tying was fun and i kept saying i'd want to do it all the time. . . which is probably will, but i don't have a quilt stand? loom? anyway, a "table" to put any quilts on and well, binding the edges is more than i want to deal with too. . . . eventually :)

Su said...

Oh, yeah, I have a hard time with binding. Fortunately, all the quilts I've made have been for people who didn't complain about what the finished product looked like. :)

sarah chia said...

Thanks for the link!

My personal favorite season is spring. I like seeing all the birds and flowers come back. Next is summmer, as long as there's a pool nearby.

I don't think I've narrowed it down to an actual month, yet.

Su said...

Well, my favourite season is spring, which I think is why I love June so much-- I want to squeeze every last bit I can out of spring before it turns into summer. And it helps that the weather is (usually) on a more even keel in June than the other spring months. Plus, with school being out, traffic in the morning is lighter... so I feel safer with the running & cycling. So, there you have it; I came up with a list of reasons.

sparquay said...

I like the Spring and Fall personally. It's when Georgia is actually cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. Winter isn't bad here, I just miss having any snow.