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05 July 2008

100 Things

So I read this article about this guy who is choosing to whittle his possessions down to 100 things, and then live with only 100 possessions for 1 year. Yikes!

In a small move in the same direction, I went through our apartment to find out just how many things belong to me personally. Answer: far too many. I didn't count some things because they were put away (stuffed animals, winter clothes), and some things because I just couldn't be bothered (CDs, jewelry), and I didn't count my stash of craft supplies because I wasn't sure how to quantify it, and I still got a grand total of 510 things. Of course, without books that total comes down to 321, but that is still a lot.

So, along those same lines, I have a list going in the sidebar of possessions I do not want to live without. I don't know that I'm ready to take such a dramatic plunge as cutting down my stuff by two-thirds, though.

So, I pass along news of the "100 Thing Challenge" to those of you who may not have heard of it yet. Read, be challenged, sneer, act, ignore... it's entirely up to you.


Kar said...

I do think about how nice it would be to pare down my stuff. Things like books and kitchen supplies would make it difficult (do you count indiv kitchen things?). It doesn't help that I see a filing cabinet of my various writing / art / learning files in my future...

I know I need to update; I'm sorry. Partly, there isn't a lot to write about going on... But I do like reading what you've been doing. :)

nlxrs - A new kind of caffeine addiction. B/c chemical stuff (pills, etc) always has x's in the names.

Su said...

Oooh, that is what I am calling it from now on. "Susan, isn't that your 3rd cup of tea?" "Of course, don't you know I suffer from Nlxrs?"

Timbra said...

i totally COULD NOT do this and wouldn't really want to. how would i count things i've saved to give alani? or things of alani's that i'm saving for additional children? but good on you for trying to take inventory of your personal possessions!

Su said...

Well, this person isn't counting anything that he shares with the family (furniture, car, etc.) or anything that isn't absolutely his alone. But, yeah, I wouldn't go that far, either.