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30 August 2008

My blogroll is out of control.

I know this. And I try (sometimes!) to pare it down a bit. But, you see, there are so many people on the internet with mildy interesting things to say.

So what happens is this: I follow a link from a blog I already read. I read a few posts and think, "Hey, this is good stuff." So I add the new blog to my blogroll so I will remember to go back there. Then I go back there another day, and now this blog has a link to something she (or he) thinks is good stuff. So I go to that blog, and the cycle repeats itself. Next thing you know, I have a blogroll longer than a list of my real-life friends.

So I've pared down a bit today, but in the best traditions of Susanness, I also added one. And it is good stuff. Go ahead, click the link; you know you want to!

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