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23 November 2010

Happy Holidays

There are a lot of people who I love very dearly who go completely insane between Thanksgiving and New Year.

They are the "Merry Christmas!" people.

You probably know one; you may have received an email warning you about the dire plot to take Christ out of Christmas. This email might list stores to avoid or ways to win over the "Happy Holidays" people. If you aren’t familiar with this lively debate, then 1) I want to know where you live and if there is a house for sale on your street, and 2) Read on and be informed.

People have a lot of reasons for saying “Happy Holidays”: Some want to be PC, some don’t celebrate Christmas but want to be friendly, and some (me) are just plain lazy. It’s possible that the mean-spirited, anti-Jesus, or grumpy people do exist and refuse to say “Merry Christmas” out of the meanness in their hearts, but if they do, I don't really want to give them airspace on my blog. (I think Charles Dickens already covered them pretty adequately, anyway.) And in the other corner are the people who believe no chance should be wasted to say “Merry Christmas”, possibly accompanied with a lecture as to why you should also do.

And there are those in the middle, who can't for the life of them understand what the fuss is about but do wish you would just pay for your shopping and move on, so they can do the same.

Why am I in the lazy camp? Convenience. You see, in a period of about six weeks, there are (if I have counted correctly) 14 holidays. That is a LOT of holidays in a short time, and I'd like for you to enjoy all of them. Therefore, when I say, "Happy Holidays!" it is not because I don't love Jesus, it's because I love you. And I don't want to take up five minutes of your time listing all the holidays that I hope are happy for you.

So, to kick off this little series I’m calling “Su’s Guide to a Happy December”, I say with all sincerity: Happy Holidays. And enjoy your pie.


Timbra Wiist said...

i am with you ALL the way. . . though i did like "merry toss-mas" posted on trey's blog last year, but that was more b/c i don't like all the extra waste of recyclable goods coming to my house. . . toss-mas they are!

Su said...

Hee hee... "Toss-mas" is good.

Lesley said...

This is the kind of debate that I often wonder: "Would Jesus have wasted his energy on this?" I have a hard time believing that God cares about what we say at Christmas time, but is rather much more concerned with what we say, think, and do every day of the year. I liked the point you made about saying a certain thing because you love people, and God is love, so I think that jives. Merry Christmas! :)

Lesley said...

Correction: I think it jibes.

Anonymous said...

the people who get all upset about the merry Christmas thing apparently do not wish any merriness on non-sayers. Geesh, missing the point.

Su said...

@Lesley: I agree. And I'm sure that it can both jive and jibe. :)

@Charlie: Right, not kidding! And then I spend six weeks telling people: "Sheesh, settle down!" :/