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21 November 2010

Fuzzy Socks and the Truth About College

 Today's guest blogger is, miraculously enough, not from Lubbock. She's my baby (Ha! She's been taller than me since she was about 10) cousin, who is from Greenfield but is currently in... wherever Ball State is. 

Muncie, Indiana, Google tells me, is where Ball State is. So, that is where Amanda is as well. She introduces herself in her post, so I shall leave her to it, along with her take on life in college.

Why I love college (and why it’s nothing like what they say it is)

Hey! Susan may have already introduced me, but I’m cousin Amanda :) Nineteen, tall, Ball State freshman double majoring in Theatre Ed and Theatrical Design. I like applesauce, reading, wearing fuzzy socks no matter how hot it is outside, and college.

My inspiration for writing about college? Well, I wanted to write about it all along and talk about how Susan and I are doing this at the same time, but see, our RA had to step down a few weeks ago (bad), and people took it upon themselves to decorate our restroom (good [it was quite depressing]). There are inspiration quotes on mirrors, and decals galore, but also an article on “real college life.”

How wrong this article is.

This article’s intent was to inform the audience of the truths of college. Ha.

“Gossip runs wild!”
There are 19,000 people on this campus. Who’s actually going to talk about that ONE person at that ONE party Friday night? If I’ve heard any gossip so far, it’s my roommate telling me stories from her high school.

“There are so many parties!”
Um, ok. Sure. My residence hall sponsors stuff like “Highlighter Parties” (wearing a white T-shirt and have your friends write on it in the dark/black light), and a friend of mine said she’s gone to a few, but hey, maybe I’m just a dork. There have been many more 4 a.m. functions at Steak n Shake than parties.

“You’ll miss home.”
I didn’t. My friend Drew and some others beg me to come home every other weekend so we can hang out. Honestly, why would I? WHEN can I? Stuff is going on 24/7 in the theatre department. I haven’t been able to go home the past three weeks because of my practicum and required attendance. I’m too busy to miss home.

Except when I wish my bathroom was 12 feet away instead of 30.

“Cliques still exist.”
Okay. I’ll give then this one. I tend to hang out with more Theatrical Design kids than anyone else, but I think it’s just a ‘major’ thing. My close friend Emily from high school hangs out with other Architecture majors, and my roommate with other art majors. The great thing about making friends this way is that you know you all already have something pretty major in common [absolutely no pun intended].

“Classes are easy.”
No—just, no. No, no, no, no. Maybe I’m just saying this because my astronomy professor doesn’t speak English… No. Classes aren’t easy. Some are easier than others, but not all are easy.

So, yeah :) It’s almost Thanksgiving Break and the semester is almost over in general. Maybe I will find another opportunity to guest blog to see if things change :)

See? Taller than me. Very unfair.


Unknown said...

Good luck with the studies, easy or not... hugs..

Su said...

Don't believe her when she talks about it being hard... she's a genius. ;)

Unknown said...

Love you both!