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18 July 2011

Cuteness on the Bus

Kids on the bus crack me up. I'll save my long-winded observations on how bus-riding makes them competent and independent for another day: Today is all about how cute they are.

Most parents will squish their small kids in two to a seat, especially when the bus is crowded. This is totally normal, happens all the time, etc., but the kids still manage to look affronted every time. I've never seen any of them throw a fit, they just put on their offended face and then get on with it.

One day last week, I was getting off behind a mum who had two toddlers and a baby, plus a large stroller. The older girl jumped the gap between the bus and the curb, but the younger one was too small for that. She reached for her mum's hand to get help getting across, but since Mum had a baby in one arm and a stroller in the other, she couldn't get the wee one right away. So, in a resourceful, "anyone taller than me will do" kind of way, the girl reached for the next adult in line-- me. I got her across, and fortunately her mum wasn't one of the "call the police-- someone just looked at my kid!" kind of people. We all went on our merry way.

And now for something completely different... I was on the bus more than usual last week because the brakes on my bike (who I decided to call Charlotte, Sharlie for short) were all out of whack. Someone at Bike Texas recommended I go to East Side Pedal Pushers, who are only a couple of blocks from here, so I did, and Wow. The young man who fixed my brakes was very communicative about what he was doing, got my input at every stage, and was all-around friendly, speedy, and professional. I have a new favourite bike shop. Plus, while he was working, I got to poke around looking at all the sleek and shiny bikes sitting in the shop. I plan on having Sharlie for a long time, but it never hurts to look.

Who else has a cute kid story today? (Or perhaps a not-so-cute story, or a cute-to-everyone-but-mum story?)


erica and christy said...

When my son was 2 or 3, I took him to McDonald's playland. Suddenly I noticed he hadn't come out of the slide and I started to get nervous. After a minute or two of frantic searching, I realized he was sitting in a booth with another family, calmly telling them all about his dog and eating their french fries. I HOPE they thought he was cute, anyway!

Anonymous said...

The last time we took our daughter and grandson to a restaurant our grandson got away from us and was busily rearranging all the empty tables...repositioning cutlery, napkins, salt and pepper to his own unique specifications. I'm not sure staff appreciated it.

Su said...

@erica: That's hysterical! They must have thought he was cute if they hadn't come searching for you already.

@Delores: Hee hee! I wish I were young enough to do that and it not be quite so frowned upon. ;)