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04 July 2011

People Loving People

This is the local news coverage of the church we attended in Lubbock: they went to Tuscaloosa a couple of weeks ago to help with cleanup. Sure wish we could have gone, but I'm delighted to see these people that I love doing what they can to help. (And yes, I totally got all teary when I watched.)


AllMyPosts said...

People support each other!!

Good Good!! Happy to see!!

with warm regards
Another Author

....Petty Witter said...

Sadly I was unable to watch this, for some reason our computer wouldn't let me access it. Well done to all those who give of their time though, its amazing what a difference it makes.

Su said...

@AllMyPosts: Thanks! I thought it was pretty cool

@Petty: Bummer!! It might be the news station. :(

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I may or may not know that cute little guy (that isn't so little anymore) that was so articulate for his age.

Su said...

Cute, yes; little, definitely not! I did refrain from announcing, "And I taught both these kids in Sunday School!"... until now. ;)