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20 July 2011

Kick Butt, Route #7!

My title, alas, has nothing to do with Route 7 itself, which is about as normal as bus routes get, but rather about a coffee shop along the way: I thought Kick Butt Coffee must have about a dozen locations in Austin, because I feel like I see them everywhere, but it turns out that they just have two locations, and I go past those places often enough for it to seem like there are a lot more of them. There's probably some deep meaning in that. The original Kick Butt is on the #7 route, though, and so I made a note of it when we went by.

See? Vintage. It says so right on
the shop.
So! Another route, another ulterior motive; there are shops along North Loop Boulevard that I've wanted to peek into for a while now, and this route goes right by them. Brilliant! There were a lot fewer shops, though, once we got there and started looking around, than I had thought there were when I went by on my bicycle. Among them were a bunch of vintage shops, an anarchist bookstore, and a place that declared itself to be "Austin Chronicle's Best Naughty Store 2010". We did not go in to investigate.

After a hop back on the bus (which involved some sprinting in 100+ heat, but the driver was nice enough to wait for us), we zoomed through campus and downtown-- well, as much zooming as one can do on public transportation. South of the river, there are a bunch of houses that are so high up off the street that the sidewalk leading to the front door is actually a staircase. Presumably, this is to ensure their view of the river, although I don't really know. Further down, the houses become apartments, just like everywhere else in the city. And when I read about this bit of the journey in my notes, it reads, "I wonder how close the sa". I have no idea what that means, nor did I know on that day when Chad nudged me awake. Yes, this route put me to sleep. Not a good sign.

I think this was outside the anarchist
Further south, there were some hills and trees to ooh and aah over, and then... The End. This is the first time we've ridden a route straight from one end to another (we usually get them somewhere in the middle), which was kind of nice because at the southern end we were able to get a flyer bus back to downtown and save some time over taking a regular bus.

Something I thought about while riding: A few years ago, the Lubbock buses started a route that went from the mall to the newest Target, which is in the middle of a nice shopping centre. Unfortunately, the route had to run through a neighbourhood that was filled with car-owning, public transport-disliking, letter-writing people, who lobbied the city until the route was discontinued. And I thought of that because there was quite a stretch of this route where we didn't pick up any passengers, and I wondered if this is another neighbourhood where no one who lives there needs the bus, but the route runs through it to get to the transport-needy people on the other side. Whatever it is, in Austin the bus is more of a part of life than a nuisance to be expelled, for which I am very thankful.

Have you ever been to an anarchist bookstore? Would you fall asleep on the bus? Do you prefer to get to a bus stop on time to avoid the sprinting?


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

What's a bus?

erica and christy said...

You already know I can't do any of these things where I live. But, sweetie, we all want you to survive the summer. No more sprinting in 100+ weather.

And I've noticed this about you lately: blogs, bikes, busses, and books. Coincidence? (I wish I had a synonym that started with a B, but I can't come up with one right now)

Su said...

@Delores: Hee!

@erica: I have noticed that, too. Plus I've been singing "Letter B" a lot (the Sesame Street version of the slightly less well-known "Let It Be"). Apparently I'm looking for a job with the Children's Television Workshop? Sponsored by the letter B?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've only taken one bus ride and it was awful. It was at night and I wished I had fallen asleep.

Karen Peterson said...

I lost 30 pounds sprinting for buses in Montreal a few years ago. :-)

Anarchist bookstore...I didn't even know those existed, but I guess there really is a market for everything.

Su said...

@Diane: Nighttime bus rides are the WORST!

@Karen: Haha, that would do it! And it was kinda like a hipster bookstore with a strong emphasis on anarchist materials. Kind of a fun place to hang out, oddly enough.