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28 January 2012

Still Here

Two weeks of the semester are done, which is enough time for me to get overwhelmed but not long enough for me to exit the fantasy land that is "I'll get my act together soon".

Last semester, I stayed in "I'll get my act together" until about two weeks past the semester's halfway point, at which time I had to acknowledge that my act was about as together as it was going to get. Unfortunately, that wasn't very together.

However, it hasn't been so bad. I only missed one class this week, and (this is ridiculous) that was because we had heavy thunderstorms overnight that knocked out traffic signals, and so the bus I chose ended up getting stuck in traffic. What should have been a 35-minute bus ride took over an hour, so I was late for class, and elected to skip it instead of coming in late. I listened to the lecture online later, and I have to tell you, it was such a good lecture. I have a blog post coming that was inspired by the lecture, that's how good it was. I'm sorry I missed it, but I'm thanking goodness (and the IT department at UT) that the recording was available online.

Other than that, my week was good. The water is exactly at my head as far as the homework goes, but I wasn't expecting my senior year to be easy, after all! And I'm sure I'll get more overwhelmed as the semester goes on, but at least this is the semester with a week-long break in the middle.

In related news... one of the grad schools I applied to has promised me a status update in two weeks. Wow! Also, yikes! I'm anxious to know, but only if it's good news, I guess. :) And, I applied for and interviewed for a job this week, and I'm expecting to hear back by the end of next week. Again, I only really want to know if it's good news. Bad news should stay as far away as possible, for the sake of all the chocolate, which I am sure to eat when stressed or depressed.

How was your week? Are you enjoying your weekend? What's your favourite chocolate?


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

My week was one of those fall off the no Diet Dr Pepper wagon kind of weeks.

I am currently enjoying a brownie but would never turn down a Reeses heart, egg, tree, or other holiday treat.

Su said...

Oh, dear.

I've heard there are creme eggs available already, but I have yet to spot one in its natural habitat (HEB). I'm still on the hunt.

JEFritz said...

What craziness. I can't believe the traffic signals were knocked out. They're one of those things that you don't realize you can't live without until they're gone.

In answer to your questions, good, yes and peanut butter cups. Good luck with everything!

Liz said...

A hard senior year? Interesting. My senior years were the easiest (at least easier than my junior years).

My week was okay. My weekend is (supposed to be) restful. And as for chocolate, well, I'm not terribly picky.

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I think their natural habitat might be Walmart because I've seen some there but have managed to walk past them...so far...

Su said...

@JE: It wasn't all the signals, but it was enough to create some havoc.

@Liz: I must have chosen my classes in the wrong order. :/

@Jenni: Alas, Walmart is so far from my natural habitat that we may as well be on a different planet. Target is not their habitat, either, it would seem. :(