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19 April 2012

Breaking News for Bicycles

Ladies and gents, I'm interrupting your regularly scheduled A-Z-ing for a special report!

That was fun to type. :) So, BikeTexas, the non-profit advocacy group where I currently intern, has a special promotion going on Groupon. Every $10 donation through Groupon equals a set of lights that BikeTexas can give to someone who needs them. (Seriously, bike lights are kind of expensive if you're on a tight budget. Plenty of low-income people don't bother with them, which is dangerous.) So if you're looking for a fun place to spend a charitable donation, this may be the one.

Bicycles inside the BikeTexas office. Source: BikeTexas.
Even better? Groupon doesn't take their usual cut on these deals (called Groupon Grassroots), so every ha'penny of your $10 donation goes to BikeTexas. Yipee! (If you choose not to pay in ha'pennies, your donation will still go 100% to BikeTexas.)

Skip on over to Groupon now! And be sure to drop back by Cheekyness tomorrow to find out what happens with the letter 'R'.

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