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24 November 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015: Day 24

Gosh, I love these characters. I keep forgetting Sybil and Greg aren't actual people. It's possible they will never be published, not for the obvious reason that no one will be interested in reading it, but because I'm not sure I can bring myself to reveal my friends' private lives in this way.

Yes. I need some help. On the upside, today I need help because I'm obsessed with the characters I wrote, not because I've been making terrible Les Mis jokes. (That's only because I've been making terrible House jokes instead.)

I looked for an angsty photo, didn't
find one, but I haven't won yet,
so this is close enough.
Anyway, here's a fun little line from today: For Greg, it was all raw hurt and he felt every word.

(Did I say fun? I may have been exaggerating. Keeping my characters in emotional limbo is a thing I do, it seems.)

Today's word count: 3795

Total word count: 35,803

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