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27 January 2016

Conference Time Again

Every other year (that is, years when the Texas Legislature is not in session), my office joins forces with another nonprofit to produce the Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference. This year, it's in Houston in March-- exactly six weeks away. Eeep!

At our last conference in 2014, I was
way starstruck by so many of our speakers,
starting with this lady--
Fort Worth Mayor Besty Price.
She's awesome.
And I'm speaking again, this time on Day 2 of the conference. I'm talking communications: going over the basics like where to find your metrics and how to create an editorial calendar, plus some less-obvious but still-helpful stuff like how to make your pictures Pinterest-ready. And of course, I'll be live-Periscoping from the session just for fun.

Fortunately, this entire conference isn't about me nattering on (although if you're into me nattering on, you should follow BikeTexas on Periscope and see it happen live daily). The TTAT Conference will bring together those involved with bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation and recreation modes from around Texas and the world. The conference will focus on issues of economic development, health, safety, and many other topics relevant to advancing active transportation and trails.

So, if you're in Texas, near Texas, or passing through Texas next month and this sort of thing strikes your fancy, check it out! If not, no worries-- I'll be sure to tweet and blog my way through, so you'll at least get glimpses.


Sharlan Proper said...

So excited for you!

Crystal Collier said...

Texas is so awesome for writers. I've been somewhat jealous for a while. Florida is awesome too...for tourists. ;)

Su Wilcox said...

@Sharlan: Me, too!

@Crystal: Florida is also not awesome for bikes & walking. :( But you're right about us being super-lucky when it comes to writers. Especially in Austin--I've met so many authors in person just from living here.