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01 November 2016

#NaNoWriMo 2016, Day 1

So it's been a bit of a day, and the teeny tiny bit of writing I managed to do today all happened at the DMV, except here in Ohio it's called the BMV for reasons passing understanding, and there I was told that in order to issue me a drivers licence, the State of Ohio will need to see (among other things) documentation proving that I'm female. I am not making this up. (It's not on my birth certificate, because the State of Indiana says "Screw you.")

My passport also needs to be renewed. Perhaps it will be easier to renew that first and take it to the third circle of Hell BMV as my proof that I'm a US Citizen, instead of my gender-neutral birth certificate. (Why they can't take Texas' word for it that I'm a woman, I don't know, but it's clearly written right there on my Texas drivers licence.)

Maybe the nice woman at the BMV (she really was very nice, for all that she basically is Hell's receptionist) was puzzled by a birth certificate from Indiana, a driver licence from Texas, and two different last names with no documentation in sight. (I can bring my divorce decree, she told me very helpfully, a leap of logic that was probably assisted by my ring-free finger. In case you're new here: I'm a widow, but it's not stamped on my forehead or anything.)

So, I may not get to vote next week. I have a couple other options that I'm hoping magically come through.

Anyway! It's November 1st and NaNo is here! Yay! (Do I get up and dance around the room every time I watch that video? I totally do.) My three main characters finally have names! First names, that is, let's not rush things. We have 30 whole days, you know. Well. 29.

Today's first line: "Ben Franklin was an idiot."

Last line: "Tell you what, Jo, you let me know when you find out, okay?"

Today's word count: 107
Total word count: 107
Words to go: 49,893

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