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19 November 2016

#NaNoWriMo 2016, Day 19

My apartment desperately needs some attention, but that's what December is for, right? I did manage to clear all the junk away from my radiators today, so when my landlord finally turns on the central heating (if it's not on already. I haven't switched it on yet so I don't know) I can use it. So that's something.

Other than that, my day was all about writing and wasting time on Twitter.

First line: She couldn’t be sure, not without testing it, that she’d picked up the storng emothion from teh girl at the grocery store because she’d touched her.

Last line: “Well, being as you just tried to knock my brains out sideways, I don’t care what you want,” Claire retorted. “Start talking.”

Today's words: 2176
Total words: 13,757
Words to go: 36,243

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