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15 March 2017

Above Average

Somewhere around 90 percent of drivers consider themselves to be better drivers than the average driver. At least, until they honestly compare their own driving behaviours to expert guidelines, when suddenly their self-assessment gets closer to reality. Think about that one for a minute.

I have a crazy idea--how about let's all prove that we're above-average drivers, not by doing dangerous things to demonstrate how completely in control we are, but instead by being above-average drivers. Put the phone down. Leave a reasonable amount of following distance. Observe the speed limit. Pay attention to what's happening a few car lengths up the road. Don't forget to notice sidewalks and bicycle paths, too. Put the dang phone down.

See how cute and friendly this car is?
Let's all be like that.
Let's see if we can all out-courtesy, out-safety, out-friendly, and out-law-abide every other driver on the road. Being above average drivers might put a dent in those 40K road deaths per year.

(If you're itching to tell me about the time you saw a bicyclist or pedestrian do something you thought wasn't right, save it. When drivers all get their acts together and stop running red lights, speeding, rolling through stop lights, double-parking, etc., then you can tell me about that bike you saw that one time.)

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