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27 March 2017


Just to be clear: slow and steady does not win any races. Slow and unsteady wins even fewer ones. Unfortunately, slow and unsteady is the best I can do most days.

I passed this Friday night, thought,
"Did I really just see that?" and
went back to look at it. It's one of
the local bike parking posts at the
end of someone's driveway, for
reasons passing understanding.
There are worse places to put these
posts, but not many.
On the other hand, since I haven't shortened my long runs in between my two halfs (yes, that's the correct spelling), I'm doing a lot of out-and-backs that give me a chance to choose a different street every week and find out what's within easy bike distance of my house.

I did one of those Friday night, for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to spend too much of my visit to Indiana running and shorten up what was a short enough weekend with Grandma, and 2) Friday was my most stressful workday so far at my new job (still love it, but it was a bit of a day) and I thought a long run would shake off the stress so I could go into Saturday morning with a fresh perspective on the universe. Which worked, if only because I woke up Saturday all creaky from running so late in the day. Fortunately, I started my trip to Indiana off with a walk to the bus stop, so I de-creaked a bit.

A lot of the reasons I came back to running 10 years ago still exist--holding my family medical history at bay for as long as I can, keeping my weight under some semblance of control (which is not really working that well, truth be told), and giving my brain a chance to clear out all the cobwebs so the world looks a bit better. Reason #3 is enough to keep at it even without the others.

Which is why I'll head out for five miles before I go to work tomorrow. Because I'm definitely easier to get along with after a run, even the slow and unsteady ones.

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