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04 March 2017


A little bit of wisdom for your Saturday, that I picked up from a widows' group I'm in. (Yep, it's real wisdom this time, not my usual "go for it and hope" wisdom.)

Take pictures. Of your whole family together. Take pictures a lot, doing lots of different things, in lots of settings. Don't wait for a special occasion, or when you're better dressed, or to be less tired or less busy. Get everyone on the same side of the camera, hit the button, rejoice. Use a timer or a selfie stick or a stranger. Schedule a professional session every now and then. Do it!

We at Chez Wilcox did not have this problem. Don't
worry; I have other things to bewail in my spare time.
This was on our way to the Austin Marathon one year.
Why the sudden interest in photographs? Because I know people who waited until too late to get family photos, and now have only one or two. Because they're now lamenting not doing what would have been such an easy, simple thing. Because if you get in the habit of taking family photos and the worst doesn't happen, the only thing you'll be stuck with is a lot of captured memories of fun times and sweet smiles.

By the way, this also applies to other things you've been putting off for no particular reason. Dig those ideas out of your brain and get to work. Don't wait until it's too late. Do it now!

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