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08 March 2017

Pass it On

I work for a company that serves a largely transit-dependent population, to the extent that many of my car-owning coworkers speak Bus as a second language out of necessity to communicate with our clients, and could almost pass for being fluent in it. 


So a non-bus person says something about a pass that works on both of the local bus systems (because Northern Kentucky counts as "local" when it's only two miles away), I get excited and say, "Wow, really? That's the pass I should buy?" and the non-bus person gets nervous. Y'all, don't ask non-bus people bus questions. It gives them a fright.

Not even remotely a TANK bus. This particular route
hasn't even existed in Austin since 2011. It was great
while it lasted, though.
Of course, in this instance it turned out that the information was correct, much to my delight, and I've now been on the Northern Kentucky buses a few times (their transit authority is called TANK, which is at least an improvement on Cincinnati's SORTA). And having seen the roads that lead from here to the shopping center I was aiming for, I also know the answer to my question, "Can I ride my bike there?" Answer: Not if I want to continue being alive. (Mind you, it was only one road. There may be a better option. OTOH, Kentucky has terrible laws about bikes and I don't want to ride there that badly.)

I have some bitter complaints about the TANK system, naturally, because what's a bus ride without a side of bitterness? Those, however, I'll save for another time. For now: my range of active transportation options just got a lot wider, all because a non-bus person mentioned the correct pass.

I'll take it.

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