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03 October 2004

Please point me in the general direction of the weekend...

There are perks to working two jobs. The downside is that I no longer have that thing which normal working people have... I believe it is called a "weekend." By my understanding, most people have two whole days next to each other in which they can do whatever they like... and are not required to leave the house, or indeed, even change out of their pajamas.

If I remember correctly, the telly is rubbish at the weekend anyway, so I don't know why I'd want my two days in a row to be Saturday and Sunday. :) Actually I did have Sunday off this week, and have passed my time cooking, cleaning, reading Lord of the Rings (just started it over again... this will be about my fifth time to read it all the way from beginning to end), and even taking a nap. I love naps... I can't sleep at night to save myself, but I can always fall asleep in the middle of the day. Even if that means sleeping in class or at work. :)

Tomorrow is my DH's birthday... we're going out to eat to celebrate me not having to cook. Actually at the moment I don't mind cooking, as I've collected a very long list of recipes throughout my adult life and am currently trying out as many as possible. This makes for very exciting mealtimes. The best recipe that we've tried so far is one to make our own breakfast cereal... it took a lot of persuading for the DH to agree, and it turns out he likes it far better than I do. I think it's good, but he will eat it two or three times a day (thus saving me the trouble of cooking... what a considerate husband I have).

Working early tomorrow morning... at 6 AM. Even though I've been doing this for about 9 months now, I still find it incredible that there are people, like me, who willingly go to work at 6 AM. Why can't the whole nation agree that, say, 9 AM is a much better time. Maybe I'll run for president on that issue someday. :)

Thanks for listening.

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