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08 October 2004

Do you hear the people sing?

Well, I do, because I'm listening to the Les Miserables soundtrack in preparation for going to see it next Sunday!! Just bought the tickets yesterday... I am a happy woman. And the following week, we're going to see Fiddler on the Roof. Then we'll take a break from the theatre for a while. Sometime next spring, Miss Saigon is coming to town and the university theatre will be doing Macbeth. I feel more cultured every time I think about it. :)

Went to class yesterday (as I do every Tuesday and Thursday). We got back our first geography exam and most of the class was in a huff because they didn't expect to actually have to study for a college class. There are many things to be said for being a non-traditional student, and this is one of them... the top three grades in the class went to non-traditional. It's very odd to me, actually, how quickly one gets accustomed to one's life. By this I mean, it was only a few years ago that I was in the same spot that the traditional students are in terms of thinking, yet I have so much trouble relating to what they are feeling. It doesn't occur to me that I can get a good grade in a class if I daydream during lecture, don't bother taking good notes, skip reading the textbook, and then I can just turn up on the day of the exam with a #2 pencil and I'll be all set. Where do traditional college students get this idea? (Not all traditional students are like that, of course.) So we went over the test in class, and many and varied were the complaints of those who didn't study. Finally, toward the end of class, the sensible section of the room (that's where I sit... along with all the others who got good grades) jumped into the argument on the side of our instructor, silencing the wailings of the students who failed the test because they didn't put forth any effort. I left the class in a high state of irritation yesterday, mixed with a lot of sympathy for the instructor, who is the one who has to deal with all the complaints.

Anyway... the people are still singing, although I'm up to the depressing part of the musical. Well, more depressing, since the entire thing is sad. I so rarely cry due to movies/television these days, yet I am planning to take at least two packs of tissues with me next week. I may not need them... but it's best to be prepared, I think. I remember going to a high school choral recital (or whatever it's called) when I was still in elementary school, and they did selections from Les Miserables... not that I had any idea at the time what it was about. The DH and I are in for a treat. :) A depressing treat, to be sure, but I am really looking forward to it.

It's soup and casserole season again! I used to hate fall/winter (partly because Indiana is frostbitingly cold), but after a few years of scorching Texas summers, I have learned to appreciate this time of year. All summer I avoid cooking because it makes the house that much hotter... and now I can cook without risk of heatstroke. So I'm having myself a vegetable soup for lunch. It's already making the whole house smell nice... I can't wait to eat it.

Thanks for listening. :)

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