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14 October 2004

Did you ever wonder about life's mysterious ways...

that all our famous people were born on holidays? :) Well, I just spotted a silly error in the title of my last post, the sort of silly error that I have been known to mercilessly mock others for making. Oops. Oh well, it doesn't seem that anyone else caught it, so I suppose I'm safe. This time.

My DH has his own blog that has intelligent things posted on it. I have my own blog that has random and strange things posted on it. At least we have a nice balance in our household. Sometimes we switch places... but not on our blogs.

So my geography class has learned the hard way how to pay attention in class, and it was a lot more enjoyable on Tuesday. We'll see if the fun can last today. I'm really enjoying this class, especially since I read a few minutes ago that it is a holiday today in one of the countries we are currently studying. In Tajikistan, on October 14, it is the Day of Formation of the Tajik Republic. It is certainly worth it to study geography, because I feel so much more intelligent knowing where Tajikistan is.

Speaking of feeling more intelligent, I love to watch Jeopardy!. At least, about half of the time. If I know as many of the clues as the contestants, then I feel smart. If not, I feel less smart. You know, there's usually one contestant who just stands there and finishes the game with $500 or something like that... I would be that contestant. Unless I had a lucky day and the categories were with me. On Tuesday, I watched both episodes of Jeopardy!, and got the answer right in Final Jeopardy on both episodes. I don't think I've ever gotten the correct answer on Final Jeopardy in my life... until now. Having said that, they were pretty easy; the category on one was movies, and the other was Broadway musicals. And the correct questions were, respectively, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Kiss Me Kate. So the moral of the story is, only watch Jeopardy! if you're willing to me made to feel both intelligent and dumb. Possibly in the same half-hour.

Thanks for listening.

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