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04 October 2004

Random mutterings

...because that's all I have at the moment. Hope no-one was looking for intelligence here today.

I had an ice-cream cone the size of my head this evening. Which means that tomorrow, I'll be as sick as a dog. A sick dog, that is. Probably not as sick as a well dog, because that isn't very sick. Maybe I'll just be as sick as a person who is sick. ??? Something to ponder while I'm sick as a dog tomorrow.

I have tomorrow morning off because my First Aid class has been divided in two groups to learn the CPR skills. Fortunately, I already know those, so on Thursday when my group is learning, I can be present in body but leave my mind at home. In bed. Anyway, I'll need tomorrow morning to study for my geography test... which is over Europe, another rather fortunate happening. Thanks to the weatherman in Scotland showing me a map of Europe every day for two years, I can find my way geographically around Europe. Maybe I should start studying for our test over Africa instead. :)

Lost another leaf to my as-yet unidentified plant in our study. The other leaves are still growing, as far as I can tell, but every couple of weeks another leaf dies. I have not yet worked out what is causing this. Perhaps lack of sunlight and water? New leaves are being produced at roughly the same rate as old ones are dying, so I don't suppose I have to much to be worried about yet. In related news, my airplane plant is almost dead, but the ivy and unidentified tree-ish thing are going strong. I think I'll buy a couple of poinsettias this year, just to see long it takes them to die. The problem is that I don't ever remember to water the plants due to having stacks of other things to do. Another reason to be glad I don't have children.

I get to do laundry tomorrow morning... I've been collecting stacks of quarters in readiness. I wonder if it would be worth it to buy a washer and dryer for just two people. It's a moot point at the moment, since we have many, many other things on the list of household appliances that are well ahead of laundry machines, but that knowledge does not stop me from wondering. Would they pay for themselves, over time, in quarter savings? Could I then do other things with my quarters (perhaps play video games)? I've just taught my DH to run the quarter-operated ones, how would he handle a machine that does not require money to go? Something else to think about (perhaps right after I finish wondering just how sick the dog is tomorrow).

Thanks for listening... hope it wasn't too boring.

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Intervenient Proclivity said...

You wrote:
"I've just taught my DH to run the quarter-operated ones, how would he handle a machine that does not require money to go?"

DH here. What!?#&@%?!