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18 January 2011

In My Mailbox

My understanding of the In My Mailbox meme is that one posts books recently received. This month my mailbox has been unusually prolific:

These two came from JEFritz, as a result of her giveaway!

I've begun How Fiction Works, but haven't gotten very far because I'm currently reading about four other books. I don't think I'll be reading Roget's Thesaurus straight through regardless, though.

And look how cute they were when they arrived!
The Art of Non-Conformity didn't
technically come this month, but I finally finished it after finals.

Bloom Where You Are came from a resident
at the retirement villa where my husband works;
 several of the ladies were cleaning out,
heard that I like to read, and loaded Chad up
with a miniature library. Thus far, this is the only
book so received that I have read.
I ordered No Impact Man after I
checked it out at the library & loved it. 
I got sleeping naked is green on a
whim when ordering No Impact Man;
it was under the "People who ordered
this also liked" section at the bottom
of the Amazon page. (So if anyone from
Amazon is reading, you can be happy
that your ads are working.)
A Texas Legacy Christmas was also a
whim; our local library has a continuous
booksale & I picked this one up.
I ordered Harmonic Feedback after
stumbling across Tara Kelly's blog.
(Note to blogging authors:
It really does happen! Keep blogging!)

Since I follow Dave Bruno's blog, I
always intended to buy this one.
But this time I did something new (or at
least, something previously reserved for
Harry Potter); I pre-ordered it!
So, that's my mailbox for December & January! I'm also expecting some textbooks any day now, but don't expect to see a post about those. What's in your mailbox?


....Petty Witter said...

Wow, someone did well this week. Happy reading.

a runners' life said...

They all look like interesting reading - in particular 'The Art of Non-Comformity'. I've been a subscriber to the blog but still haven't decided on whether to buy the book or not.

I'm currently waiting on 'A Runner's Body' to arrive in the mailbox - anyday now.

Su said...

@Petty: I know! I've actually finished all these already, except the first two.

@Runner: I've never been on the non-conformity blog, oddly enough. I heard about the book from the unclutter blog. I hope you get your book soon-- and that you blog about it! :)

L'Aussie said...

Your mailbox was nice and fat and interesting. Mine was just bills, ha ha. I've actually been buying books physically and lugging them home. Just today I bought a Harry Potter, the Hunger Games and a Jane Green novel. Am reading up a storm so far this year!

Denise :)

Alison Stevens said...

You've had a busy mailbox! I'm also reading multiple books. I finally had to put a few aside, just to allow my brain to keep up with the others.

Happy reading!

Su said...

@L'Aussie: I enjoyed The Hunger Games! But I got them from the library.

@Alison: Yes, the apartment managers are getting tired of me turning up in the office and demanding my packages. :) Thanks!