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17 January 2011

Holiday's End

Five weeks is too long for a holiday break.

It's too long to be sitting around, but too short for getting a job. It's long enough to forget what it was like to go to class every day and then come home and do homework. It's long enough to get used to this rhythm of deciding what I want to do whenever I want to do it, because I have oceans of free time.

It's long enough to really mess with my sleep schedule. Grrr. On the upside, it's long enough to get myself off caffeine and resume my decaffeinated ways.

It's long enough that although I've had a question about a required book for one course since the day after I took my last final for the fall semester, I had to wait until instructors resumed their normal lives, too, so that I could ask without interrupting her Christmas holiday.

It was long enough for reading a stack of books (35 and counting), watching TV, catching up on everyone's blogs, and goofing off on Facebook.

In other words, the new semester starts tomorrow, and I am almost as unaccustomed to academic life today, after this crazy-long 5-week break, as I was at the beginning of summer school six months ago.

So, it's been fun reading your blog entries as soon as you posted them and leaving random comments. I've loved reading through books that my blogging buddies recommended and giving my reviews on Goodreads. And reading about everyone's adventures in writing has helped me in plotting and starting over on my own WiP. This break has been nice, but I've gotten into all these habits that now have to be stopped, and it's a bummer. It's been too long.

Okay, I know none of you feel sorry for me because you've been back in real life for two weeks now. So, today's question is: How's your weather? ;)


Faith said...

Hah! I start teaching students tonight, so I'm feeling the 'back to work' pressure as well.

As for the weather, it looks cold out there. Lots of snow, but nothing coming down... yet. Brrr.

Mary Vaughn said...

Ah the weather. Very cold and lots of ice on the way tonight. If you can believe the weather people, which you usually can't.
Sounds like your break was productive and you'll swing right back into the rhythm soon.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The weather? Same as yours, I imagine.

It's hard enough to go back to school, harder with the unending gray we've had around here. Best wishes this semester!

a runners' life said...

Sounds bliss - five weeks of reading, goofing off, no alarm clock and lots of free time.
The weather is terrible - middle of winter and most of the snow has thawed plus its been raining a bit.

Carole Anne Carr said...

In our part of England, we had snow, snow, snow. Wouldn't have mattered too much but we also had visitors from Atlanta over the holiday period. Still they were kind enough to say they enjoyed their stay in our medieval market town - said it was like living in a book by Dickens, watching people scurrying through the narrow streets and alleyways as the large snowflakes drifted down.

Su said...

@Faith: Yay! At least I'm not alone. :)

@Mary: I certainly hope so! Thanks for the good wishes.

@Chicklit: Hee hee. But look! The sun is out!

@Runner: It was bliss for about three weeks. But I did turn my restlessness into productivity the past couple of weeks, so it's been good. Sorry about your weather, though-- ick!

@Carole: Do you get snow often? When I lived in Glasgow, snow was so rare that it was a treat-- most of the time it was cold & rainy. :( But your friends have a fair point about the Dickens novel!

Anonymous said...

How's MY weather? Really, Su? Really? *sigh* There's still snow on the ground from last weeks snow storm, and every Wal*Mart in the state is packed because NO ONE will be able to break free from their houses tomorrow. In other words, it's going to snow again, and I have a 9AM class. :D Welcome back to the swing of things!

Su said...

Whoa, weird! I just commented on your blog & came back to find you on my blog! We must have some sort of mystic connection... ;)

I hope you have good boots for the snow.

Anonymous said...

for some reason its sunny and warm here in the mountains - though I expect the snow to come back soon. Good luck in the new semester!

JEFritz said...

The weather is cold and snowy. And supposed to get snowier!

Su said...

@Charlie: Thanks! We're back to sunny & warm down here, too-- long may it last.

@JE: Brrr. I like snow, but not enough to wish for it.

Clarissa Draper said...

I know that I would go crazy if I had five weeks off. Of course, I'm a workaholic. I slip into bad habits fast.

Brandon said...

Yeah, I hate how a vacation can really interfere with good schedules and healthy habits. Even though I can technically do those on the road during vacation, my whole system is thrown off. It's lame.

I was watching this guy on the plane last week. The whole trip he was on his computer putting together some presentation, then when he had to put his electronics away, he got out this notebook and started working away on that. I thought, Why can't I be productive when traveling? When I travel, I think, I can't write, I'm on a plane. I'm not in my writing "groove."I can only read books, the in-flight magazine, or Skymall on airplanes. I wish I could stay productive no matter what my schedule.

Well, that was a little bit related to your post at least. :o)

Su said...

@Clarissa: Yep, bad habits, right here! Like taking a long nap every afternoon-- it *might* be a waste of my money to fall asleep in class.

@Brandon: I've often thought that working on a plane is an acquired taste for people who have to travel a lot and can't lose that working time. I can crochet while flying, but only once have I managed to get actual, pen-and-paper productivity accomplished on an airplane. And that was writing Bible bowl questions.