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18 May 2011

Another List: This One's About Cycling.

So I was reminded today that not everyone wants to hear the "cycling is good for the environment" or "alternative transportation will save us all" or whatever angle of cycling. Which is good, because while I am a bit of a green-living nut and enjoy my multi-modal lifestyle, I'm not anti-car. (Although I keep reading that some of the NYC media is getting a lot of mileage by shouting about the non-existent "war on cars", which I think is hysterical.) Okay, well, I'm anti- the cars that haven't been maintained and are spewing exhaust all over the street where I happen to be breathing, but I've always been anti- those cars. This is hardly a new thing for me.

So! Ten non-green, non-alternative, non-liberal reasons to ride a bike:

1. It saves you money.
This isn't partisan, is it? Geez, I hope not. If you're lucky enough to live within a couple of miles of a store, or your kids' school, or your gym, or wherever you go, taking a bike instead of the car will save you some gasoline. Which saves you money. They tell me gas prices are running amok again. Fight back!

2. It's good bonding time.
Grab the spouse, the kids, the roommate, Toto-- whoever is living in your house-- and give them a shove toward the bicycles. Take a spin around the neighbourhood. Ooh and aah at the neighbour's flowers. Find out where the rises and dips in the road are. Chit chat about nothing and everything. And keep an eye on Toto-- he's a flight risk.

3. Or it's good alone time.
Leave all those people at home and ooh and aah over your neighbour's flowers all by yourself.

4. And it's stress relief.
Seriously. Take out the bike and leave the day's nasties on the road.

5. You probably need more Vitamin D anyway, right?
But do wear sunscreen. I know, I know, contradiction. Use your good judgement.

6. Your bike gets lonely without you.
After all, how would you feel if you had to live in the garage and only got attention every few months? That's what I thought. You don't want a neurotic bike on your hands.

7. Besides, you don't want it getting rusty.
You paid good money for that bicycle, right? May as well use it, or it's just a pile of money sitting around.

8. It's good for you.
Okay, maybe this is slightly liberal. Kinda. Your heart & lungs enjoy a good challenge from time to time. And regular cycling is a great way to get nice calves.

9. It's not required that you wear spandex.
Really, it isn't. Just wear whatever you want. I've gone cycling in a suit, for goodness' sake. (Okay, it was for a special event, but you get what I'm saying.)

10. It's fun!!
Really, it is. Remember when you were a kid and loved riding your bike? That joy doesn't go away when you get a driver's licence. It's especially fun if you find a good hill to ride down (although I admit that getting back up the hill is less fun, but hey, everything's a trade-off). Recapture some thrills in your life. Get the bike out.

I know I missed something-- what are some other reasons to ride a bike?


....Petty Witter said...

If its not an exercise bike that I can use safely indoors I'll leave the riding of bikes to others though I do agree with most of what you say.

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

going off of curbs is fun (mountain bike, not road). Yo can't goof off with a car without costing yourself big.

Su said...

@Petty: It's totally possible to enjoy cycling indoors-- just without the oohing over flowers, of course.

@Charlie: Heh. No, I wouldn't think so. I forgot about the social riding side of it, too-- with people other than the ones you live with, that is.