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04 May 2011

It's A Roller Coaster

Two posts in one day-- oops! Didn't do it on purpose!

This second post is to announce that I'm guest-blogging at Austin on two Wheels again, and I like today's article much better than the last one. :) Here's a snippet; click anywhere to read the whole thing:

I still don’t like things that go fast. And that includes my bicycle. We moved to Austin last summer from Lubbock, a region for which the expression “pancake-flat” may not be adequate. I’ve been totally accustomed to riding on the level, and had no way to prepare myself for riding in Austin.


Charlie's Church of Christ said...

wow did you get $50 for writing that?

Downhill is what it's all about - but within reason. We have a few buttes in the middle of town - one gains elevation so quickly that the road swirls around it until it reaches the top. Riding up sucks BIG time (gain 1000ft of elevation in less than a mile) and riding downhill is so sketchy - you must brake nearly constantly. Another butte I've ridden down is fun, but you got just a little too fast and there are just a thousand more pebbles on the road than you'd like. I hit 30+ mph on my bike computer going down that one.

Su said...

I did get $50! :) Sometimes I think the editor at Two Wheels only takes my submissions b/c he isn't getting anything else, but you won't hear me complaining! And wow, those hills sound intense. Not sure that I'm ready to hit 30 mph on two wheels! Of course, I'm equally not sure that I'm ready to go back to a roller coaster, either.