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04 May 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On... Well, Pretty Much Everything

Hey, Blogger has been making changes again! Cool. I can now add a location to my blog posts. This will only be interesting, I fear, if I go on vacation. But hey, I'll join the ranks of those who make it easy for the stalkers and let you see my neighbourhood, shall I?

While my intent for Without-A-Car Wednesday is to share with you some of the fun and joys to be found in leaving the car at home, I can't really be genuine if I don't occasionally include the travails. So, here goes:

Monday we were visited by a cold front and some rain. Now, I don't want to sound like I'm grumbling about the rain; goodness knows we needed it. However, I came out of Bike Texas in the afternoon to head home and was greeted by gusty winds, low (for us) temps, and a steady drizzle. I hopped on the train, got off at my usual stop, and wondered if it would be worth it to just wait for the bus to take me home instead of riding home in the wet. Such hopes were dashed, however, when I got near enough to the stop to see the bus pull away. My options were then: Wait in the rain (30 minutes), or ride in the rain (about 20 minutes). Naturally, I chose option #2.

This is what my glasses
looked like.
Now, I'm extremely nearsighted (20/200 vision, or something like that) and I have astigmatism. You know what happens when a nearsighted, bespectacled, astigmatic woman rides her bicycle in the rain? She becomes a nearly-blind woman riding in the rain who has no idea how close the cars are. So towards the end of my nearly-blind, soaked-through, rather-chilly ride, I made a good choice and stopped off at the store for some hot cocoa mix. So, the moral of the story is: If you're going to ride a bicycle in the rain, get some of those glasses with the windshield wipers that all the cartoon characters have.

Do you have astigmatism? Do you like the rain? Would you like a cup of hot cocoa?


Cherie Reich said...

I'm glad you made it through your rain bike ride!

I have astigmatism too. I found out during my last eye exam. Rain is fine, but I'd rather not drive in it. And, if I tried biking, it wouldn't be good. We're about a 30 minute drive to anywhere, so I'd have to start the day before to get there. *laughs* Hot cocoa is good. Mmm. :)

Meika said...

I don't have a car right now, so I take the bus everywhere. I've been planning to get a bike for a while now, but things keep getting in the way. But I'm all for car-less transportation! It's good for the body AND environment!

Su said...

You know, I really don't see where Blogger put the location that I so carefully added. All that fuss for nothing! Oh, well.

@Cherie: My parents' house is about 20 minutes (driving) from everywhere, too. On the other hand, it's a nice place to go for a bike ride if I don't want to get anywhere! ;)

@Meika: Me, too! We do bus/bike/walking/train to get around and are loving it.

Jenny said...

I have an astigmatism as well. And I hate the way there's always that one massive raindrop that splashed on the INSIDE of my glasses, right into my eye! I've never tried biking in the rain (I don't have a bike yet), but I am glad you stopped in for hot cocoa until the rain let up. And who doesn't want those windshield wiper goggles? Those are awesome! :)

Jenny said...

Sorry, that should say "splashes", not "splashed". Typing too fast confuses my tenses! :)

Su said...

I still can't figure out how one raindrop always lands on the inside of my glasses!

Grandpa said...

Would wearing a baseball cap help?

Answers to your question: No, Yes, and Yes, please! :)

Life on The Farm

Su said...

It might, but then I'd have to get a looser-fitting helmet. Could be done, I suppose. I'm making your cocoa right now! ;)

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

I think there is no greater anxiety than fearing for your life on a bike - when the cars are close and fast and you can't see well or have reduced control (ice or snow) - you'll get home shaking and not from the cold.

Karen Peterson said...

It's, like, 80 degrees here right now, but I totally want a cup of cocoa.

And I'm glad you made it home safely.

Su said...

@Charlie: Too true! I altered my route because I was worried about the slick road + hills combination, but there's no way to totally avoid the hills around here. :/ Fortunately, I have good tread on my tires.

@Karen: I hear ya. We only had that one day of cool, and then the temps bounced up again-- but that hasn't stopped me from drinking hot cocoa! :)