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08 May 2011

Credit Where Credit is Due

I debated with myself at some length about writing this post. It's possible that the person concerned will be very embarrassed. He might stop reading my blog, and in fact, may never want to talk to me again. Having thought it over, I've decided I'm willing to take that chance.

Chad and I have a young friend who we've known for many years now. I didn't know until this week that he was reading my blog, though. The short story is, after he read Monday's post about my thoughts on an appropriate reaction for Christians to Bin Laden's death, he was emboldened to speak up amongst his friends and take the stand that it is ungodly to exult in an enemy's death.

Unfortunately, his friends turned on him like the proverbial pack of wild wolves that young men can be at times. I was sickened when I read some of the things that were said to this young man. He asked what he should do, but I gotta tell ya, I'm a bit short on the wise words when it comes to males in their late teens.

I at least knew what not to do: I'm not completely ignorant of interpersonal relationship dynamics, so I didn't dash over to his Facebook page to (virtually) shout, "Hey, this is my brother in Christ, and nobody talks to my little brother like this!" I really, really wanted to, but I also knew that would likely cause more harm than good. So I sat at my computer and prayed for my friend as he has to face this, and I prayed for his friends to wise up a bit. Or a lot, if need be.

I wouldn't be a rhetoric major, or a blogger, or a writer, if I didn't believe in the power of words. But on Monday, seeing what my words had started, I was torn between guilt at having given my young friend the impetus to put himself in this situation in the first place, and pride that he did it. I had visions of his parents asking me, "What were you thinking??", but I know for sure that his parents want nothing more than for him to stand up for what is godly and right, and to stick to his principles.

(By way of aside, I was thrilled at the response that I got on Monday. It's nice to see people agree with something I said, of course, but even those who disagreed did so with such a tone of kindness & respect for the opinions of others that it hardly felt like a disagreement. I have the best blog readers ever.)

And so, my friend, I have to tell you that we in the Cheeky house are very proud of you. And I'm willing to bet that the readers here at Cheekyness are, too. In the words of Paul, "I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect until the day of Christ Jesus." Well done.


mshatch said...

I completely agree that it is ungodly to celebrate an enemy's death. It is also very hard sometimes to stand up for what you believe - especially in front of your peers.

Madeleine said...

Ah yes it is difficuly because those who lost loved ones in the terrorism will want some closure and justice, while others will hate the blood lust and truimph.

Jo Schaffer said...

Agreed. It is sad and vulgar to exult over somebody dying. Nobody is winning this war--we all lose in the end.

Sherri said...

As a follower of Christ your young friend can be assured that God will take the abuse his friends dished out to him and turn it around and use it for his good. Some of the most powerful lessons I've learned which has grown me in the faith are the times I was persecuted or slandered.

Thanks for the blog follow! Have a great day!

Mary Mary said...

I see both sides of the Bin Laden coin, but in the end anyone should be able to voice his/her opinion and feelings concerning the matter. People just need to be more respectful, but it seems more and more these days that that characteristic is lacking in so many. I'm sorry to hear that your friend's friends turned on him in such a manner, but you know what they say. Whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger in the end. Later on down the line he'll feel more courage to speak out, since he had the strength to do it once before.

Thanks for dropping by my blog this week!

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I'm with you. I'm glad Bin Laden is dead and gone, but I'm not dancing on his grave.

This is actually a very good experience for your young friend. It will make him stronger and will also teach him that it's not always fun to stand up for his beliefs, but that he needs to anyway. Christ was the ultimate wave maker. We need to ride those waves.

Happy Sailing!

Julia Smith said...

What Melissa said.

Trisha said...

I lost a friend over this stupid Osama crap. A friend I've known since the year 2000!!! Not cool. But I'm not about to back down with what I believe.

Su said...

Normally I respond to everyone individually, but since we all seem to be on more or less the same wavelength here, I'll stick to: Thanks for your thoughts, everyone!

Rachel Morgan said...

Beautiful post, I'm so glad you decided to write it! Well done to your young friend for standing up for what he believes is right. I, very fortunately, was speaking to a group of my Christian friends last week who echoed my feelings of discomfort about this whole celebration of death. I haven't spoken to any of my non-Christian friends though... I don't know how they've reacted.

Jan Morrison said...

I think it is brilliant that you inspired a young friend to follow his heart and his beliefs. We, in the Buddhist world, have had a lot of back and forths on the murder of Osama as well. Those of us who try and live our faiths, whatever faiths they may be, will be torn when such events arise. The only goodness of them is that we can take that opportunity to examine our hearts. You've done that and I think you're swell!

Su said...

Thanks again, ladies. :)

Heather Henry said...

I agree that you should stand for what you believe. Regardless of what your friends think. If they truly care, they'll either politely disagree or at least be supportive. I am sure it will be a proud moment for him to look back on and it will give him more boldness for the future.
I love that scripture, I was just reading that today with my devotions.

Su said...

I think so, too. Although it's hard when you're a teen in the moment of dealing with the fallout, though. :(