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09 May 2011

Little Bit of a Couple of Things

So! I spent my university-free weekend catching up on blogs and following back all my new-ish followers. I hope I got everybody! If you've been hanging around here for a couple of weeks & you don't see that I've been by your blog, it might be best to mention it so that I can high-tail it to your place for some virtual tea & comments.

This ought to do for the
first couple of weeks, yes?
Besides the massive amount of time I spent reading blogs, I also got a jump on my summer reading: I read Across the Universe by Beth Revis on Saturday. Yes, all of it. That's how much I liked it. Now, I suppose it could be said that I like every book, and that wouldn't be too far from the truth, except that I only read books that I like. If I don't like a book, I don't finish reading it.

Hence the reason that if you friend me on Goodreads you'll see that I give a lot of 4-star ratings. So I guess for me to rate books on Goodreads is kind of useless, except that if it gets 5 stars you know that I think it was incredible, and 3 stars is only merely "yes, I liked it". Four stars is "oh-this-was-great-but-not-quite-incredible", and most books I read fall into that category. See also: Books in 2011. I try to stick like glue to the descriptions of my rating system on the bottom of the page, so that I don't give an A rating to something that I enjoyed but had no qualms about putting down for a couple of days.

And speaking of Goodreads, I'm doing my best to keep my "read" list longer than my "to-read" list. I think they're tied right now. Alas, I can only read so fast, but the blogosphere keeps recommending so many books! And they all sound wonderful! And I can't resist adding them to the list so I don't forget! Sigh...

So, other than reading for fun and doing a bit of studying for my only final on Wednesday, I'm also doing the job search thing. I'll let you know how that turns out. :/ I do have an unpaid internship procured for the summer; turns out it's not that hard to say to the non-profit for whom I volunteer, "Hey, can I make this an official internship for class credit?" Unfortunately, as much as I live doing stuff for Bike Texas, it won't pay the bills. So, I'm going to juggle a part-time paid job with a part-time unpaid one. Yay!

Are you on Goodreads? (If so, click that link above & let's be friends.) Have you read Across the Universe? Where do you think I should get a summer job?


L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! I keep forgetting about Goodreads.

Laura said...

I've never heard of goodreads - will check it out later. Good luck with the final and the job-hunt!

J.L. Campbell said...

I've recently joined Goodreads. Haven't put up a lot of reviews yet though.

Robyn Campbell said...

I LOVE goodreads and have practically forced peeps to join it. I'll look you up. I critiqued Across the Uni. Beth is my crit partner. We live in the same town. (Name is in the acknowledgments.)

Hmmm summer job. Dunno. A library would be great. Or anything reading releated like that. :-)

Heather Henry said...

I am on goodreads, although I rarely get on there because our internet is so slow. I was looking at your bookshelf though, and judging by the books you read, I think you'd thoroughly enjoy The Penderwicks series. It is truly delightful. I believe the third book just came out on May 10th. I've been waiting for it forever.
I've never read Across The Universe, I might have to pick that one up.
As far as jobs go, something that inspires you! Or where you can inspire others. A library perhaps!

Catherine Ensley said...

Oh, a friend gave me an ARC of Across the Universe, which I am really excited to read. She didn't like it, however I never let other people's opinions color my own. The concept sounds fascinating.

Deniz Bevan said...

Good luck on the job search!
Mm, all the time reading sounds heavenly to me.

Su said...

@Diane: I did, too, for a while, until I realised the usefulness of having my to-read list on the internet where I can't possibly lose it. ;)

@Laura: Thanks! And you should definitely join Goodreads-- it's brilliant.

@JL: I went looking for Dissolution to put it on my to-read list, but it's not in the database yet. Any chance of you becoming a Goodreads author?

@Robyn: I read the acknowledgements very carefully the other day, b/c I was sure that someone I'd met in the internets had to be in them! Sure enough, I saw P.J.'s name, and I pulled it out again just now to see you in there. Cool!

@Heather: Penderwicks, got it. I shall add them straight away (although this is not helping my attempt to keep read longer than to-read!). Thanks!

@Catherine: I got it when it first came out, but put off reading it until after the semester was over, so that I could enjoy it properly. So I saw reviews that went in both directions before I finally got to read it. I ended up enjoying it & hope you will do the same! :)

@Deniz: Yep, I'm loving it. I won't have all this free time once I start working somewhere, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Angela Felsted said...

I haven't read Across The Universe yet, but I'm addicted to goodreads. And I rate my books in the same way you do. :)

Su said...

Excellent. :) It's gotten to where I can't think about a book without going on Goodreads!