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02 February 2012

Texas Trails

I hope it's a beautiful day where you are, because here in Austin...

Wait. I'm not in Austin.

Today, I'm in San Antonio (for the first time ever!) at the Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference. I'm here as part of my ongoing internship with BikeTexas, and speaking of firsts, this is also the first time I'll be at an event when I'll actually be introduced/acting as a BikeTexas staff member. That's mostly because I don't get to do a lot of events, not because they don't want people to know that I work for them.

So, Day Two of the conference is in full swing. I had to meet a coworker at an ungodly hour this morning to drive to SA, and we'll be headed back to Austin tonight so I can go to class and work tomorrow. I only got to attend today, in fact, because one of my professors was gracious enough to call it an excused absence. (What with it being educational and fitting in with my intended career and all.)

I can't wait to blog about what I've learned today, but in the meantime, I really hope that I get to see the Alamo before we head back to Austin. I've lived in Texas for 12 years without seeing it, and I have a suspicion that may be illegal.

What are you doing today? Did you have to get up at a ridiculous time this morning?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I have to get up around 6am five days a week. I love sleeping in a few extra hours on the weekends.

Su said...

Ah, 6 AM. She and I are very good friends. :)

Mary Mary said...

The conference sounds like it would be kind of fun. I hope you had a great time! If not, at least try to have a great weekend!

Su said...

It was amazing. Post coming soon! :)