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22 February 2012

Getting By with Some Help from my Writing Friends

I have a problem, writers: I have a writing club, but no good way for us all to give and receive feedback.

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I vaguely knew this was an issue, but it really became obvious a couple of days ago when someone asked me to read a story and tell him what I thought. I had one of those 'duh' moments when I thought, "I bet other people would also like feedback. We're a writing club, after all!"

However... I've no idea where to go for that. Does anyone have any suggestions for a secure place where just members of our club could upload stuff for feedback? Can you create closed groups on any of the writing sites? I'm poking around, but I know that my writing readers are very much on the spot and might know of things that I wouldn't think of.

Oh, and our club has no budget. If a site is going to cost more than a couple of bucks, we can't use it.

Any ideas?


Karen Peterson said...

Google Docs has a great feature where you can share documents with certain users. You can make it open to the public or limit it to whomever you choose.

Loralie Hall said...

I second the google docs suggestion. I've done this with a reading partner, and it worked out great. She told me how she wanted me to make my notes in-line (bold some suggestions, or use colors, etc).

Best of luck ^_^

Chicklit said...

Some of the critique websites will let you create a closed group, but I believe at least one member must be a premium account holder to start one.

I'm not a fan of Google Docs, but some people find it works. My writing group does the exchanging and returning via email. We each mark up individual copies of the document with track changes or the equivalent and create a separate file or email for our notes. Then we meet in person to discuss. Good luck with the club!

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

There is a site called The Write Idea...I use their poetry page sometimes. I believe you can set up a page with them and restrict the people with access.

Fenix said...

I never really seen the comments function in Google Docs in action until you used it to leave feedback. (This is Raymond by the way)

I found it to be both simple and useful, and it certainly helped out my friend a lot :D

And of course, there is also the option of adding in color-coded comments in the actual text as Loralie mentioned.

Ute Carbone said...

hi Su! I dropped by from the Fourth Platform Women's Writing group to say hey!
Enjoyed the blog today. As others have already said, I just use e-mail when working with other writers. Just use the review options in word and you can type in all sorts of comments.
Good luck!

Kittie Howard said...

I've heard mixed things about Google Docs so don't know. My beta reader and I exchange via e-mail and use track changes (under 'review' at top) to make comments. It really works for us. Good luck!

mshatch said...

email exchange works well for me :) But you could create a private blog and post work.

Su said...

Ah! Ask and you shall receive! :D

Thanks, everybody! I'll take your suggestions back to the group and see what happens.

Rebekah Loper said...

Google Docs is good for people who use different word processors - not all programs make "track changes" compatible. Just don't trust formatting changes from Google Docs to your word processor. Use it for story edits only.

Su said...

I really didn't like Google Docs at first because of its formatting hatred. I've gotten over it... mostly.