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01 February 2012

I Never Think of Anything This Fun...

MG over at Chasing Mailboxes has come up with a great cycling challenge called Utilitaire 12. As someone who commutes by cycling, this is a perfect challenge for me... kinda. Some of the categories to fill in (e.g. movie, hair cut) are things I'm unlikely to get to in the next six weeks. Others, like work or the library, are places I practically live, so I'm in luck there.

So, in case you haven't gotten enough of me blogging about riding my bike, you'll get to read some me. And if you have gotten enough, well... Look! Over there! *rides away*

What fun challenges have you joined in this week? The A to Z Blogging Challenge is open to sign up now... are you in? Did you see anything exciting when you looked over there?

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