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14 May 2012

Spam Comments

It's that time again, ladies and gents, when I reach into my spam filter for some cheap entertainment!

Here we have some stress-reducing headphones (and this is about 1/5 of how long the actual comment was):
With monster beats detox Power, youll spend less time untying knots, and more time enjoying your music. How can you taste the real composers feelings? The answer is a pair of good headphones. Beat by dre headset is your best choice. It can provide you with the most perfect sound quality, allowing you to experience the music of the composer, in the hope that you have. While younger people are alot more resilient in working with the destructive impact in stress, older persons can have a very good tougher precious time negotiating that physical issues stress provide on the system.

This intrepid commenter does get bonus points for mentioning the Alot. Alot more resilient; older persons less resilient.
Next up: rent an apartment in Crimea!
Briefly urgent need to organize a nuisanceэтому человеку. where the force by force rent an apartment for rent in Simferopol! After that, maybe stay with the real estate next to the wall Shvetskoy in women with a bottle of vodka.

I don't understand. Am I holding the bottle of vodka while staying in women, or am I staying in women who have a bottle of vodka?
This one I knew the answer to:
That case is constantly bothering me. If anybody is able to answer that question, then I would be very grateful :) So what do you think ? What is the medical equivalent of disbarment? Thank you for insightful response :)

Oh, well since you asked for insight, I'll draw on my extensive experience in the medical field to tell you that it's called Your License Is Suspended Because You Were Doing It Wrong. If this happens to your doctor, find a new one.
And finally:
Today is ethical ill, isn't it?
What broad daylight isn't today?


What's in your spam filter?


Carole Anne Carr said...

This is so easily done, not the vast extent of verbal garbage, but linking works unintentionally so that it is puzzling or hilarious. A dangerous pitfall for slapdash writers and often found in the copy of young and not to so young reporters who write for local newspapers.

Su said...

Hee hee, so true!

Anonymous said...

I never get spam.....look at all the great blog post topics I'm missing out on...

Jenny said...

Well... yesterday had broad daylight for some hours, so I guess that could be an answer. I love that you made a reference to Hyperbole and a Half! :D

JEFritz said...

This was hilarious. They're so nonsensical that they almost make sense again.

I haven't gotten a "good" spam comment in a while. Just the occasional winning of an English lottery I didn't enter or totally legit business deal.

Taste the real composers feelings.

Jenny Woolf said...

My spam is really boring. Numerous banks asking me to reconfirm my email address, haha. Security alerts, yawn. A lot of junk about fake designer handbags. Nobody ever tells me to do anything whatever with a bottle of vodka!

Su said...

Now you all have me wondering how I've gotten so lucky! I do get a bunch that are entirely in Russian as well-- I've no idea what they say!