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31 May 2012


So here's a name I've known and loved for many years.

Short for Gregory, which comes from a Latin cognate of the Greek verb gregoros, meaning watchful or alert. Currently the 279th most popular name for boys in the US; it peaked at #21 for a couple of years in the '60s. It's #208 in Quebec, but less popular-- in the low 300s-- in other parts of Canada. Because there have been so many saints (at least four) and popes (16) called Gregory, the name has never really gone out of popularity in the Christian, and particularly Catholic, world.

Still nice even in black-and-
white. Source.
Famous Gregs: The aforementioned popes and saints; Gregory Peck; Greg LeMond (professional cyclist; first American to win the Tour de France); Gregor Mendel.

Fictional Gregs: Greg Brady, The Brady Bunch; Gregory Goyle, Harry Potter series; Gregory House, House.

My Gregs: I have a friend (maybe more like an acquaintance now, since I've only seen him online for the last 10 years) called Greg who is a fellow tennis lover and all-around nice guy. And, of course, I have a character called Greg: He's my main character's (Sybil) eventual love interest. In the meantime, they've been friends since the fourth grade, and Greg's best friend is Sybil's really irritating brother Andy. (Yes, it's one of those kind of stories.) As an older character, Greg is confident, friendly, and popular; as a younger character, he's unsure and bumbling. Somehow, I have to connect those dots.

Do you know any Gregs? Do you like the name?

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