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04 May 2012

The End

Today is the last day of my undergraduate career. The past two years have been maddening, rewarding, wonderful... and much too fast. But dadgummit, I finally got what I came for (although graduation isn't for another two weeks, so you'll have to wait for pics and whatnot).

I'll start with the easy one: What won't I miss?

  • Friends from other Texas cities moaning about UT. I just don't care about intra-Texas collegiate rivalries. I've never cared. And now I don't care twice as much as I never cared before. (Bonus points to anyone who can name what TV show I've blatantly stolen that line from.)
  • I can stop using UT's really dumb Blackboard system. Please, oh please, let Texas Tech not use Blackboard for grad students. South Plains College's WebCT was a cakewalk to use by comparison, and that was nearly 10 years ago, for goodness' sake.
  • Hearing every time I meet a new person: "Oh, are you a grad student?" Actually, I won't stop hearing this, but I won't miss having to say "No." For the foreseeable future, I can answer "Yes".
  • Early twentysomething angst. I'll miss my classmates, no question, but I won't miss the emotional/hormonal crazy that comes from being 18-22. I absorb way too much of my classmates' stress to be healthy.
  • Really, crazy, unreasonably-priced, highly-packaged, over-processed food on campus. I don't mean the dining halls, which I've never seen the inside of. I'm talking about the "markets" and other such places that are basically tiny convenience stores. They're like the British newsagents, except more expensive. Students could save ever so much money if they would just take the shuttle bus a couple of miles off campus, buy food at a regular supermarket, then come back. Unfortunately, that's impossible to do in the 15 minutes between classes and impractical at 2 AM when you're studying and hungry.
  • Protests every single day. I'm glad, on some level, that this generation is more politically involved at such a young age. Kinda. I'm less glad that they hand me fliers on a daily basis.
  • Getting around campus. These people walk and cycle as if they have invisible shields around them protecting them from harm. Watch where you're going, dadgummit!
Enough of that. So, what will I miss?

Everything else. :'(


Carole Anne Carr said...

A wonderful experience, missed or not! :0)

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I never much cared about school at any level. I just counted the days until I could be "free" though unfortunately I have to work so now all that school time is work time but at least I get paid!

So there's that to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Funny, even when I was 18 - 22 I couldn't stand that age group.

Crack You Whip said...

Good luck with your new adventures!

clcdark said...

Great post. I can't stand it!! Tell me at once what tv show the "I don't care" line is from!! I guess friends, then Psych. Tell me!!!

Su said...

@Carole Ann: Very much so!

@PT: I hated school until university. But I did work-college-work-college already, so back to work is NBD, at least no more than before.

@Delores: Hee! I couldn't when I was that age, either.

@Crack: Thanks!

@clcdark: It's from M*A*S*H. Radar tries to tell Burns, "Captain Pearce says," and Burns interrupts with "I don't care what Captain Pearce says" etc. :)