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13 October 2015

In My Mailbox #12

I went back and counted-- this is my twelfth In My Mailbox post. At some point I started numbering them and then stopped again. As usual, not all of these technically arrived in the mail.

First, my Labor Day Sale haul from the local Half Price Books:
Displays by the checkout are for people like me.
That's how I came home with a tea box that contains many excellent things, but none of them are tea.
I had a great conversation with the man at the counter, mostly about how I stared at the Christopher Moore books for about five minutes trying to remember which one I was going to read next, only to finally decide, "What does it matter?" and grabbing one.

Next, this gem from my friend Dawn:
I haven't read it yet, in part because I've been dividing my time between several hobbies and I'm not actually good at that, but also because as long as I haven't read it it's not all over. It's bad enough that Terry's bio is in past tense.

And finally:
Lots of fun, right? Well, I work for a non-profit and year-end is coming whether I like it or not. So I do my best to keep on top of these things.

What are you reading this week?


J E Oneil said...

Well, most of it looks fun, although I think the donor cultivation looks a little dry. Have a fun time with your books!

Su Wilcox said...

I'll be so happy if it's only a little dry.