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20 October 2015

New on the To-Read List

After such a brilliant weekend at the Texas Book Festival (see my recaps of Day 1 here and Day 2 here), I had to come home with a long to-read list, right? Of course I did. All links and images are from Goodreads. (By the way, are you on Goodreads? Let's be friends.) These are more or less in the order I put them on my to-read shelf; in other words, in how much of a hurry I'm in to read them.

The Porcupine of Truth, Bill Konigsberg

All The Wrong Questions, series, Lemony Snicket

And finally, this one is not so much to-read (since Taye Diggs read it to us and Shane Evans sang a lot of it to us at the session) as it is to-recommend:

Mixed Me, Taye Diggs and Shane Evans

What are you reading (or to-reading) this week?

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