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22 October 2015

Run for the Water

I don't often run for charity, because a lot of charity races are just not fun for people like me who already enjoy running for its own sake. But, Run for the Water is different. It's an awesome race that's great for runners and for the charity.

The finish line in 2014. Source: Run
for the Water Facebook page.
What's the charity? The Gazelle Foundation, which provides clean water to people in Burundi. Given the amount of water I get through in the average day, I can't imagine not having access, yet people all over the world have to spend hours finding clean water, or drink contaminated water, or both.

So, I took advantage of the site's fundraising options, and if you'd like to help give more people clean water, please donate here.

On November 1, I'm running to end thirst. Here's hoping.


J E Oneil said...

Clean water is always a worthwhile cause.

Su Wilcox said...

I agree! And the guy who's the head of The Gazelle Foundation has such a great story (he's from Burundi) of survival and then turning back to help his countrymen. It's hard not to want to help.

And, since he's a professional runner, he puts on a great race.