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25 October 2015

When It Rains, I Make Things

That's not totally true. What is totally true is that I finished this:

... while it was raining yesterday, since I wasn't interested in going outside to see how the Austin drivers were coping.

The top is a t-shirt I bought a couple of months ago in an attempt to occasionally wear shirts that don't have a running or Les Misérables logo on them. Apparently, I was unsuccessful. The skirt is a shirt I picked up at a clothing swap ages ago for Denise, she couldn't wear it at work because it doesn't go with her dress code, so she stuck it in a Goodwill bag, whence I rescued it to do this. (Does that even count as a rescue, since I cut it apart and sewed it to another thing?)

Edit: I realised a bit belatedly that this post is more useful if I tell you what I did! So, the skirt was a button-front shirt-- I sewed that closed so I don't get any gaps (left the buttons on), then cut it off directly under the arms (I used a rotary cutting board for the guidelines, a yardstick, and a piece of chalk to get the cut relatively straight). I thought about turning the raw edge under before sewing it, but that didn't seem necessary. I sewed it directly onto the hemline of the t-shirt, and did the gathering of some excess material in the front (and a little in the back by mistake) in places where there was already a dart in the shirt. Then I ironed the whole thing down. Since I sewed the bottom shirt along the hemline of the t-shirt, there is some excess fabric there, which may cause me some issues that I'll need to fix.

I'm wearing it to church today. We'll see how it goes.

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