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09 February 2017

Be the Change

A handful of nonprofits have gotten big press and plenty of donations (or the other kind of press and a drop in funds) lately, which is all well and good and indicative of the kind of work they're doing, the kind of work the general public agrees we need more of.

Isn't this great? It's from I Live Here, I Give Here, the
geniuses behind Austin's day of giving, so if you're in
Central Texas these are folks you want to check out!
For the rest of us, Google is still your friend to find
a deserving nonprofit.
But don't forget plenty of good work is also being done in your own backyard, by nonprofits too small to compete for big headlines but that have big visions. They need your support, too. And the great news about the nonprofit sector is that there's probably one that matches your interests just waiting to tell you more about they great stuff they can do with your help.

It's okay to be worried. It's okay to be frustrated and angry. It's essential to keep pressing our elected officials, to continue the calls and the emails and faxes so they know we're watching. But it's also a time to do some good in the world, to practice justice and love mercy, and there are plenty of organizations who can help you multiply your time or your donations or both into amazing results. Do good today!

(Full disclosure: I've spent a significant chunk of my working life in nonprofits. Which is why I have confidence that good is being done by a group near you. Go and do likewise.)

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