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06 February 2017

Crunch Time

Twelve miles yesterday (another unseasonably warm day, which I know is problematic on many levels, but it makes my life a bit easier) for my longest long run before El Paso. Half marathon plans don't really include a taper as such, just an easy final week, so I still have some solid miles this week coming before the more relaxing week hits.

My 12 mile run kinda turned into a 12 mile photoshoot,
so that's probably a little more time I'll shave off
in El Paso. This is in Eden Park.
I've been thinking in the ramp up to the 12-miler that this run would probably be a good indication of my race time, once I factor in race day adrenaline and crowd support and whatnot, and if that's really the case--I can live with it. In fact, race day will probably be faster with a downhill finish, instead of the uphill one I have here at home. And if I do have a decent time in El Paso, that should give me a nice boost for a PR chase headed into Indy Mini training.

Treadmill miles last week--I did one day of a before work/after work split, and I think I gave my coworkers a fright when they saw me dripping sweat in running clothes. (We have a shower at the office, which I only found out this week. THIS CHANGES EVERTHING.) So I grabbed some loose cover-ups and added them to my bag so I don't have to walk through the office in form-fitting clothes right when folks are arriving for their work day. I mean, I want them to like me, not run when they see me coming.

And finally, with two weeks to go, no one is even allowed to think about germs in my presence. I'm about to get scary obsessive about hand sanitizer. Think healthy thoughts, y'all.


Sharlan Proper said...

Health, wealth, and wisdom for you, my friend!

Su Wilcox said...

At least three people at work today were acting sick. I may have to take drastic measures.