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04 February 2017

This is Why February is Fired

It's been two years.

My scanner is broken. Well, not broken, so much as missing a cord.
Anyway, I gathered some pics of my grandma at my wedding,
threw them on the floor, and took a pic. Clockwise from the top:
Me, my dad, Grandma (his mum), Great-Grandma (her mum)
Great-Grandma & Grandma
Me & Grandma
Great-Grandma & Grandma (yes, they were beautiful women)
Grandma & my cousin Jimmy.
This may be Jimmy's first time in my blog. *waves*
It's been two years, and yet I caught myself shopping for her birthday card one day last week. It's been two years, and I debated whether to save her number in my new phone, even though she's not on the other end any longer. It's been two years, and the half marathon medal I earned 11 days later is still sitting in my house, because I haven't yet found a suitable hanging thing to hang it on/near her gravestone with. Soon, I hope.

Denise & I raced across the country trying to get to her before she passed once they told us it was a matter of days. We missed her by about five hours. Chadwick couldn't go with us, which meant we spent one of his final two weeks on earth apart. Had we known--but we didn't, and there's no point going down that road.

This is my all-time favourite photo of my grandparents (my granddad died
when I was six months old. I was born on his last birthday). When I told
Grandma a few years ago how much I loved it, she asked, "But why?" LOL.
Their youngest two children hadn't arrived yet, and if I had a better grasp
of what age my aunts & uncles are now, I could probably tell you what year
this was. My dad is the one on the left side that Granddad has a death grip on.
Also, check out my granddad's socks. My & Denise's penchant for
fun socks is clearly genetic.
We miss you, Grandma.

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