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26 February 2017

The Verb (Kinda)

A couple weeks ago when I talked about my word for 2017 (creation), Kar left this great comment:
Reminds me of something I read in the book Bruchko a few years back that has stuck in the back of my mind. He talks about the peace of God entering his life at one point & describes it as a very active thing full of life (rather than the passive, calm connotations peace often has). I just really loved that. The idea that God was moving & actively transforming, healing, fighting for him. I love that concept of peace-- an active, living, creative thing.
I knew I wanted a Charles Rennie Mackintosh font for
my card, and while I was at it I grabbed some of his
Glasgow roses, too.
Years ago, I heard a teacher bemoaning that students responded better to the expression "doing word" than if she used the more proper "verb," but gosh, I love "doing word." I can see why students would prefer that phrasing. (It's the 21st century--we're never happier than when we're doing, amirite?) And I almost chose a verb--my 2017 word was nearly "create" instead of "creation," and at the last minute I changed my mind, and I can't for the life of me remember why. To think of all the hours my rhetoric instructors spent on telling me to watch out for unnecessary nominalization, and here I go running headlong into one.

The English translation of John 1:1 reads, "In the beginning was the Word." You know what it says in Spanish? "The Verb." I've loved that since the first time I read it. Not being a language expert, I have no idea what the difference is that renders the same word as "word" in one language and "verb" in another, but wow, I love thinking of Jesus as a verb. The Verb became flesh and dwelt among us. No wonder we like doing words so much.

And the nice thing about choosing a noun like "creation," as Kar pointed out, is that it carries an air of activity with it. You can't have a creation without having created. If I want to get to a creation, then first I have to be busy in the act of creating.

What are you creating today?


Kar said...

Seems like I once heard that the original Greek word could be translated either way? As "word" or "verb.". I may be mistaken about this but if true might explain the differing translations. For my part, I like the word "creation" bc i picture God plunking you down in the middle of what He's doing that you get to be involved in. So it's not just you trying to create all by yourself. Of course it's a pretty subjective distinction--neither word has to have the emphases I've given them here--and it's your word anyway, not mine. :-) But I thought it was a neat image. May God bless the harvest He raises up in your life!

Su Wilcox said...

I looked it up in French, too, just in case my sparse French knowledge was enough to give me something else to talk about. It wasn't, so I left it out, but as I understand it the word the French Bible uses can be "word" but can also be "speech." In the beginning was the Speech. It's amazing what happens when translating something from an ancient language into all these modern ones.

Kar said...

Yeah, it really is! Gives us so much more to think about when you add the perspectives of other languages.