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01 May 2007

Denver City

So I went to Denver City last weekend and it was absolutely brilliant, as ever. I never grow tired of seeing those friendly faces. And since I rarely get to go there, I never grow tired of seeing that town, either.

There was some disagreement on the drive out as to where we should turn, and the driver ignored my advice. But I told him how to get to the church once we got to town, anyway.

Anyway, much laughter was shared, much chitchatting took place, and goofiness reigned in the land. One of the teens (who I've now known for almost 11 years) is going to aim this fall, news which delighted me to no end. And I got to spend an hour or so with a delightful elderly woman (I hope she isn't reading this) who I hadn't seen in ages.

Also, I think there may have been a Bible bowl meet taking place while all this was going on.

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