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12 May 2007

Grace and Madeleine

We've had a visitor from the UK in our clinic the past couple of weeks. Grace is a Churchill Fellow of 2007 and is travelling around the world looking into the use of bacteriophage. Since we (word used loosely-- I am not personally involved) are currently conducting clinical trials on phages at the Wound Care Center, Grace elected to pay us a short visit. She is quite a delightful person and I am so glad to have met her! Please visit her blog to read about her trip to Lubbock and what she has seen/learned while she has been here.

Also, if you have missed the news about the young British girl who was abducted while on holiday in Portugal, Lynn of the Daily Photo blogs has pictures of Madeleine and links to the story of her disappearance, as well as updates on the search. Please go and have a look-- this little girl could be anywhere by now. And also take some time to be praying for her and her family.

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