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15 May 2007

More on my mother

Karla, here you go... is this anything like what you imagined?

Yeah, Mother in McDonald's was priceless. I had tried to get her attention as she walked past the counter (I was about to order), then told the cashier by way of explanation for my bizarre behaviour, "That's my mother." The cashier, having never met me, was a bit surprised at this, and turned to ask my mother how many children she has. My mother turned, looked at me, and screamed in a way I imagine she would do if suddenly faced with a gun-wielding madman. Then she started to cry, tried to explain her own bizarre behaviour to her coworkers, and ended up just shooing me into the "Employees Only" area. I don't think I'll be doing that again, just because I do not wish to be responsible for my mother's cardiac arrest.

On the upside, if it happened at work, at least she'd be eligible for worker's compensation benefits.


Kar said...

:) She doesn't get to see you often, does she? (Or have you taken the occupation of gun-wielding madman?) That's sweet, though--I mean that she was that excited.

Susan...you know how I could imagine what she was like, right? ;)

Su said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. :)

It may have been the gun that startled her. Or the ski mask.

Kar said...

(big grin) Well, and what have I told you about wearing ski masks indoors? It's rude. Sheesh..